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Materials: Polyimide

Layers: 1L   2L   4L   6L

Min. Line/Track space: >=100um(4mil)   >=75um(3mil)

Min.Hole size: >=0.2mm   >=0.15mm

Out finished Copper: 12um(1/3OZ)   18um(0.5OZ)   35um(1OZ)

Base Film Thickness: 12.5um   25um   35um   50um

Panel-Type: Single layout         1x1   
Arrays layouts     1 panel = pcs   

Panel Size:  x   mm


QTY one - QTY two - QTY three - QTY four   pcs
(*you can quote for four different quantities' price at the same time)

Surface: OSP ENIG(Chem.gold) (AU=1u″)

SolderMask: With cover film   Green solder resist   White solder resist  Black solder resist

Silk Screen: White   Black   None

Shipping Costs: Charged by shipper   Charged by receiver


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Currency: USD    EUR


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