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How do I place an order?
Order process
    1. Apply for membership.
    2. Complete specifications and requirements
    3. Calculate the price
    4. Make a payment and complete delivery address
    5. Deliver then complete the transaction

Get a Quote
1 Quote the board yourself with the Online Quote - If you are familiar with the board specs of your design and you would like to get an instant online quote, you may do so by visiting our quote page.
PCBU Tip: You don’t need to login to get a quote but you will need to login to save the quote to your quote history for later recall.

2 Send us an e-mail to get your quote- If you aren’t sure about the specs of your board or simply would like us to create the quote for you, please email your gerbers to us along with any lead time and quantity requirements.
PCBU Tip: When emailing your quote request, please be sure to let us know what state or country you are located in so we can forward your request to your dedicated sales rep.

Place an Order
3 Online - Continue from the Quoting step by selecting a guantity-leadtime price from the price grid. Complete your billing, shipping, and credit card information. One more step--upload your zipped gerber files and that's it!
PCBU Tip: You will be asked to upload your gerber file during the order process, please make sure all of your files are included within a single zip file.

4 Email, Phone or Fax - We are also happy to place your order for you. Feel free to contact your sales rep by email, phone or fax to get your order started.

Email: Sales@pcbonline.co  MOB: +8613611442854