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Product category: 1layer,2layers and Multi-layer layers up to 26 layers, Aluminum circuit board with 1-2layers
Monthly output: Mass:6,000 square meters/ month, Prototypes:2,000 square meters/ month
Factory premises area: 15,000 Square meters
Employees number: About 400 Persons
Base material: FR4,FR4 high TG, Aluminum ,Polyimide .
Surface finish: Hasl,Hasl leadfree, Gold plate, Gold finger, Immersion gold, Immersion tin, OSP

Items Mass Production Prototypes
Layers 1-8 Layers 1-26 Layers
Max. Panel Size 600*770mm( 23.62"*30.31") 600*770mm(23.62"*30.31") 500*1200mm(19.69"*47.24")
Max.Board Thickness 8.5mm 8.5mm
Min. Board Thickness 2L:0.3mm 2L:0.2mm
4L:0.4mm 4L:0.4mm
6L:0.8mm 6L:0.6mm
Min Inner Layer Clearance 0.175mm(7mil) 0.125mm(5mil)
Min Line width 0.1mm(4/4 mil) 0.1mm(4/4 mil)
Min Line space 0.1mm(4/4 mil) 0.1mm(4/4 mil)
Min.Hole Size 0.2mm(8mil) 0.15mm(6mil)
Min plated hoe thickness 0.020mm(0.8mil) 0.020mm(0.8mil)
Min Blind/Buried hole size 0.2mm(8mil) 0.2mm(1-8layers)(8mil)
PTH Dia. Tolerance ±0.076mm(±3mil) ±0.076mm(±3mil)
Non PTH Dia. Tolerance ±0.05mm(±2mil) ±0.05mm(±2mil)
Hole Position Tolerance ±0.05mm(±2mil) ±0.05mm(±2mil)
Heavy Copper 4OZ/140μm 5OZ/175μm
Min S/M Pitch 0.1mm (4mil) 0.1mm (4mil)
Soldermask color Green,black,Blue,White,Yellow,Red Green,black,Blue,White,Yellow,Red
Silkscreen color White,Yellow,Red,Black White,Yellow,Red,Black
Outline Routing,V-Groove, Beveling punch Routing,V-Groove, Beveling punch
Outline Tolerance ±0.15mm ±6mil ±0.15mm (±6mil)
Peelable mask Top,bottom,double sided Top,bottom,double sided
Controlled Impedance +/- 10% +/- 7%
Insulation Resistance 1×1012Ω(Normal) 1×1012Ω(Normal)
Through Hole Resistance <300m-ohms <300-ohms
Thermal Shock 3×10sec@288℃ 3×10sec@288℃
Warp and Twist ≤0.7% ≤0.7%
Dielectric Strength >1.3KV/mm >1.4KV/mm
Peel Strength 1.4N/mm 1.4N/mm
Solder Mask Abrasion >6H >6H
Flammability 94V-0 94V-0
Test Voltage 50-330V 50-330V

  Quick-Turn leadtime
Layers Prototypes Mass Production(<10 sq meters)
Expedited leadtime Normal leadtime Expedited leadtime Normal leadtime
1layer 1 working days 2 working days 3 working days 5 working days
2layers 1 working days 4 working days 4 working days 6working days
4layers 2 working days 6 working days 6 working days 8 working days
6layers 4 working days 7 working days 8 working days 10 working days
8layers 5 working days 8 working days 9 working days 11working days

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