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About Us

       www.pcbonline.co is the PCB/PCBA manufacturing and processing entity of Dongguan Tuqun Technology Co., Ltd. This website is aimed at offering our member-clients a fast and convenient experience for obtaining PCB quotations, and purchasing PCBs and services. Simply register to become a member. Registration will allow you to get free quotes, and submit purchases orders.

Our Mission
       Our mission of providingHigh-Tech and High-Quality Circuit boardsto global customers at Chinese Market Price, allowing customers to experience the Chinese printed circuit board Manufactuer ofWorld-class Printed Circuit Board Products and Full Services.
       We through the use of the latest technologies and management methods to continuously improve our production capacity and technology in order to produce more Low-Cost, Higher Technology,Higher Quality Printed Circuit Board Products to customers.

WIN-WIN Philosophy
       Whether you are a novice or experts inPrinted Circuit Board Industry, our staff utilizes decades of experience in Printed Circuit Board Industry will provide you with high quality at the lowest possible price. We strongly believe that direct communication, attention to detail, and customer service all work together to prevent problems and reduce costs. We are also proud of the reputation we have earned here at Pcbonlne.co.Our mission is to turn first time PCB/PCBA buyers into long term customers. More than 100 new Company customers come to Pcbonlne.co each month, With many coming as referrals from satisfied customers, and is the best proof of this.

Commitment to Service
        Our commitment to customer service and quality is integrated into our management methods. Pcbonlne.co entire staff, from our program managers and skilled engineers to our PCB manufacturing plant workers, is trained to understand customer requirements and how to work efficiently to reduce cost.


  Full Service PCB Manufacturer , able to guarantee its products and offer one-stop support.
  Our deliveries are guaranteed to be on time, Quick Turn PCB Prototypes 100% on time delivery.
  Our products and services are 100% guaranteed to be in accordance with IPC-6012 and IPC-A600F standards.
  100% E-test,Quality assurance.
  Free mould/Free testing/No Hidden Fees/Fast Lead Times/World Class Quality/ISO and UL Certified PCBs

Company profiles
Dongguan Tuqun Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional company dedicating to manufacturing printed circuit boards. We offer a wide variety of electric services from PCB design, quick PCB prototypes, small batch PCB productions, and PCB assembly. Annual board production exceeds 700,000 square feet. Our products are used in the fields of computers, medical treatment, communication, aviation, instrumentation, micro-electronics and automated-control. Our company has a team of highly degreed engineers specializing in technology, management, and operation.

Our certified
We are certified ISO9001-2000, and UL with SGS certification.


Email: Sales@pcbonline.co  MOB: +8613611442854