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Special Offers

PCB Designer Only

        As a PCB manufacturer, we want to together with the PCB design company to supply the customers from PCB design to PCB manufacturing one stop services. When you get the PCB design orders, you can also quote the PCB manufacturing prices to your customer (this is very easy can calculate from our web site). Then if you get the PCB manufacturing orders, just upload the PCB design data to us, you can get the PCBs on your office.

Here are the special offers plans for you:
1: 50% off for the first order of 2-Layers standard SPEC.(quantity up to 10),shipping costs extra.
2: Payment term: OA 30days.

We looking forward cooperating with you. If you are interested with our plan, please contact us:

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Email: Sales@pcbonline.co  MOB: +8613611442854