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All of our PCBs will produce as per the IPC600G class 2.

1. PCBs Shelf life
(1) Hal lead-free is six months, immersion gold is three months, immersion tin is one month, please keep the attached delivery documents and the invoice in your hand, we will calculate the shelf life according these documents.

(2) You receive the PCBs, you can return the open circuit boards within 5 days, we will re-produce the boards for you if it’s our responsibility; you can return the repairable boards within 10days, we will repair the boards for you free.

(3) Please check the boards’ quality once you get the boards; please tell us your problem within 7 days, after you receive the boards. If the customers can not find the quality problem on time before you use the boards, we will not make compensation for the other loss except the PCBs.

2. Quality assurance
(1)Every piece of PCB produced by our company has been inspected strictly,for those products of dense circuit,we will use the AOI test to ensure the consistency between the original design and the PCB production.

(2) in the process of electroplation,we will do the slice work and measure the Hole Wall Copper Thickness and the Conductor Copper.
Thickness to ensure that the thickness meets the requirements of the clients and the 2 class standard.

(3) when finished,we will do the Flying probe test or the Frame test to ensure no open circuit and short circuit in the circuit.

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